About us

The Channel Project
In June 2003, during the Karma Guen course in Velez-Malaga, Spain, the idea was born to organise a course for students of Lama Ole Nydahl from the countries along the Channel. We actually discovered that Paris wanted to organise a course with Brussels, Brussels with Rotterdam, Rotterdam with London, London with The Hague and The Hague with Amsterdam. There was a representative from each of these centres at the Karma Guen course and when our separate plans came to light, we decided to make a course for all of us! We named it ‘The Channel Project’: a joint effort in which English, Belgian, French and Dutch students of Lama Ole work together on the basis of friendship with the use of our combined resources.

Through the activity of organising this project together we aim to get to know each other and learn from our collective abilities. So far this has resulted in a yearly Channel Tour, a yearly Channel Retreat, the start of a Statue Filling Event and the first Channel Countries EC weekend!

Anyone who wishes to offer their abilities and ideas to help realise this Channel Project is most welcome! Inhabitants of the Channel countries who would like to help can contact us.