The Channel Project

The Channel Project brings together friends from Diamond Way centres in France, Belguim, Holland and the UK. The main activities are an annual summer meditation retreat and a channel countries tour with Lama Ole Nydahl. These activities are now part of the Diamond Way European calendar and a wonderful opportunity for friends to meet and work together.

The Channel Retreat is hosted in a different city each year and is an enriching and inspirational experience. There are experienced Buddhist practitioners who guide the meditations and give talks on aspects of Buddhas timeless teachings. Meditation is a major part of the Diamond Way practice so the weekend contains a lot of meditation practice, although even with so much Dharma activity there is always time for socialising and strengthening bonds with our friends.

The Channel Tour
Each year in the Autumn, we have the opportunity to spend time with our Lama travelling to several cities in our channel countries. In each city the Lama gives a public lecture which is organised by friends resident in that country. It is a very special experience and a real opportunity to spend time with the Lama with such a small group of friends. The channel tour really gives the experience of being part of the Diamond Way, Karma Kagyu family, and this is why the channel tour is known to friends as the “Hidden Jewel”

Channel Retreat 2013

Program and Registration information for the 2013 Channel Retreat